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If you are a lifestyle brand looking for copy or content writing, then go ahead and reward yourself with a slice of cake, because you’ve just found the right person.

About me

I’m a freelance content writer and copywriter based in Johannesburg, South Africa but my clients find me from all over the globe.

I’ve worked as a senior English teacher for years, so I know the power of words first-hand (not to mention the fact that I am literally incapable of misplacing a comma). Coupled with two Psychology degrees, I’ve gained a good grasp of what people want, which helps when trying to convince them to part with their hard-earned cash for my clients’ products and services.

Or did you scroll here to find out other stuff? That’s cool too. Here goes:
  • ‘Blaire’ is my middle name. It’s Gaelic for ‘battlefield’. Pretty cool, huh? My parents did not know that at the time of naming me. Case in point: do the research.
  • I am a mother to two cats – Cosmo and Timbit. Cosmo is dark as the abyss and Timmy was named after a Canadian doughnut. We can blame/thank the Canadian husband for that one. I like to tell people we met because I ordered him off but actually it was because of a book series.
  • My favourite word is ‘sponge’. My second favourite word is ‘bubble’. My third favourite word is ‘silver’.
  • I once saw Mandy Patinkin spit in New York City. I also saw Oliver Stone get into a cab in Taormina.
  • I know how to kill a man with my hands. In theory. I have yet to test it out.
  • I am not very good at swimming, as I learned in a Capri harbour.
  • I am, however, very good at hula-hooping and imitating Britney’s singing voice.
  • I got trapped in a Big Five game reserve overnight and lived to tell the tale. But also please don’t ask me to tell the tale because I’m still working through it in therapy.
  • Hanya Yanagihara once replied to me on Instagram and Dave Cullen follows me. WHAT.
  • I don’t like the taste of eggs, which makes breakfast the least favourite meal of the day.

Areas Of Expertise

My writing specialty is all the things I love – fashion, beauty, travel, food and décor.

I have written just about everything from cookbooks to Tinder profiles – ask me about that over coffee sometime – but I am most often approached for:

So, if you’re tired of fruitless keyboard bashing and ready to hand things over to a pro, get in touch.

In the words of Sally Field:
You like me! You really like me!

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